Leashes and Collars

 isartau is a manufactory in Bavaria where dog leashes and collars are made with much love and know-how.

The materials used by isartau are usually utilized in the sports climbing and sailing segment and are therefore of high quality in terms of comfort and safety.

Not only are the products highly robust and durable, they also sit comfortably in the hand.

The utilized climbing ropes stand out for their good shock-absorption capacity: they only stretch when strong forces (such as a sudden jerk) act upon them. Consequently, the force does not directly impact the dog’s body but is attenuated by the rope.


fixed collar
(Feste Halsung)

half choke collar

(Zugstopphalsung )




When ordering we need:



short leash with a hand strap

(Führleine mit Handschlaufe)

double adjustable leash

(2-fach verstellbare Leine)

triple adjustable leash

(3-fach verstellbare Leine)

slip leash double adjustable

(Umhängeleine 2-fach verstellbar)


Depending on the rope strength and strength of the knots, the total length of all leashes can vary slightly.

retriever leashes

retriever leash with a hand strap

(Retrieverleine mit Handschlaufe)

double adjustable retriever leash

(2-fach verstellbare Retrieverleine)


When ordering we need:


pendant with one plate

(Telefon Hängerli mit 1 Leder)

pendant with two plates

(Telefon Hängerli mit 2 Leder)

leather plate with name



When ordering we need:

  • your dog's name or telephone number for each plate

key chain


If you need further information, please contact us. That is what we are here for: kontakt@isartau.de

Verbinde Dich mit isartau!

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E-Mail: kontakt@isartau.de